EPS Electrical & Plumbing provide skilled, qualified and friendly experts, that will ensure your building or office Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems operates effectively and reliably, to provide a comfortable working environment which complies with building safety regulations.

We’ll use our years of experience to assess your requirements and provide you with our expert advice.

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Council Buildings & Services
  • Government Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & Apartments
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Schools & Education Centers
  • Shopping Complexes

Our Services

  • Building Facilities Services
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems
  • Programmed Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance
  • Building Control Systems & Energy Management Systems
  • Asset Condition Appraisal & Performance Inspection
  • System Diagnosis & Breakdown Repair
  • Commissioning & Balancing of HVAC Systems

Equipment We Service

Performing regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems is essential to ensure they are operating at optimal efficiency and are meeting safety regulations.

When heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems are not operating correctly, it can negatively affect homes, offices, stores and industrial buildings.

EPS Electrical and Plumbing can take care of regular servicing which will help to significantly prolong the lifespan of your heating and cooling systems while also helping to protect the environment and protect you from running into any unexpected safety risks.

We are able to provide servicing and maintenance to the following
  • Centralised Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Plants
  • Chillers & Boilers
  • Chilled Water & Heating Hot Water Systems
  • Condenser Cooling Water Systems
  • Refrigerated Air Conditioning Plants
  • Ventilation & Exhaust Systems
  • Air Handling & Air Distribution Systems
  • Smoke Control & Fire Mode Testing
  • Air Quality & Filtration Systems
  • Humidity & Temperature Controls systems
  • Gas & Electric Duct Heating Units
  • Packaged Plant & Unitary Plant
  • Industrial Process Chillers
  • Ducted & Wall Split systems

Programmed Preventative Maintenance

We provide a specialized, expert service in Programmed Maintenance and Scheduled servicing for all building HVAC & Mechanical Services equipment. We tailor a service to your specific plant requirements.

When dealing with HVAC systems, regular, ongoing maintenance is a must. The life of a building can sometimes come down to the condition of the HVAC System.

Buildings depend on a well designed and functioning HVAC system in order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for staff and occupants. It is one of the most important facilities to be maintained. Energy consumption from building air conditioning and heating plants is the largest ongoing expense for any building or office space, making up to 70% at times.

By hiring qualified professionals to take care of the maintenance, any emerging problems can be taken care of swiftly and efficiently before they cause any costly damage and or breakdowns in the systems.

Correctly maintained and scheduled servicing of your equipment will ensure your systems operate as they were designed, maximising output and minimising energy input. Better performance means you’ll be getting a longer life-cycle from the equipment and therefore a longer life for this essential building facility.

We are able to provide Programmed Maintenance and Reactive Repairs to the following
  • Multi Storey Buildings
  • Medium to Large Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs
  • Government & Council Buildings & Statutory Bodies
  • Residential Property Management


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